Howto Make Money Online – 9 Tested and Proven Ways

More Netrepreneurs are Creating and Leveraging Multiple Income Streams to Make Money Online and are Becoming Overnight Millionaires!

Ordinary people like Tim O’ Shaughnessy and Eddie Frederick (LivingSocial); Dustin Moskivitz and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook); Matthew Mullenweg (WordPress); Susan Gregg-Koger ( and dozens of others are billonaires/millioniares through the power of the internet.

Y o u  C o u l d  B e  N e x t!

Here are nine (9) income generating strategies
for you to check out.

1. Make Money Online Through Social Media MarTable of Contentketing

Are you social? If you answered “no” then you are missing out on what has become the fastest growing
segment of the world wide web that many online marketers are using right now to make money online. displays a startling infographic on their website that shows a 44% growth rate between June 2012 and March 2013 for Twitter, making it the fastest growing social networking site on the internet, leading Facebook by 21% and Google + by 10%!

Who would’ve imagined that!

Now putting all stats aside, it is a no-brainer that social media marketing is a BIG catch-net for the savvy internet marketer.

One cool way to profit from social media is to go in as a social problem solving authority in your niche.

This is where I noticed my biggest success.

Posting your own tips and advise and sharing those of others is a great way to engage hungry audiences and gain organic following steadily overtime.

Buffer is an excellent tool for automating and sharing posts and I enjoy its ease of use and nifty platform. I call this method “drip-tweeting” based on the fact that posts are scheduled and gradually released to Twitter overtime.

You can fast-track your social reach when you advertise on Twitter via Twitter Ads.

A cheaper alternative to Twitter ads is TweetFavy (bet you might be hearing about them for the first time :)). It took me about 3 minutes to set-up my “no credit card required” 14 day trial with them.

2. Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is by far one of the fastest and most lucrative ways to make money online.  This involves marketing products and/or services for other companies for cash or prizes.

This way you don’t have to take on the responsibility for
shipping and handling or even returns if you are promoting
physical products, or paying for or hosting your own storage
if you are selling digital content like an ebook.

You are assigned a unique affiliate url which you simply place
in your email marketing campaigns, on your website/s, in forums
or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Be aware that every program is different and has its own set of rules and policies so DO read them before you jump in. 

JVZoo and Clickbank are favorites among affiliates but there are many more affiliate marketing networks to choose from like Rakuten Linkshare, Commission Junction ShareASale, Peerfly, Ebay Partner Program etc.

If you are looking to join an easy, all-in-one affiliate program that has a solid track record of proven success, try SBI Affiliate Program.

3. Make Money Online Doing  Surveys and Data Entry

This is a quick and easy way to make money on the side if
you have a full-time job and are looking to supplement your earn money online. This could even replace your
9-5 job if you really commit time to making it work for you.

There is a big global shift by companies to outsourcing labor
and they are looking for various talents on a daily basis.
A great place to begin is at Amazon Mechanical Turk as a
worker. Just sign up with them and they will connect you
with a wide cross-section of companies who have work

You may also want to look into the opportunities
being offered by They too have
a growing cloud workforce and they are constantly
looking to hire new talent!

4. Make Money Online Writing Content

Fiverr has been a God-send for both website owners
and writers alike since it made it’s debut on the cybersphere
With over 100 million websites and webblogs on the internet,
fresh, relevant content is in high demand and webmasters
need the services of content writers constantly, almost like
a heat-seeking missile (though not with destructive intent :))

Whether you’re a beginner or expert writer, there is a
plethora of writing opportunities out there for you to

Of course, there a many other writing channels online
other than Fiverr like,  FreelanceroDesk, Elance and
believe it or not, even Craigslist is a great place to get
great exposure for your writing gig.

Need to brush up on your writing skills? Get some expert help here

5. Make Money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is pretty easy to set-up and if you have a
and an optimized website, you could begin to see positive
results relatively quickly.

Once you set-up your Adsense accoun, just just need to copy
and paste the code onto your website or blog so Google can
begin render dynamic ads that might interest your website
visitors. You make money per click.

If you would like to try Googel Adsense but don’t have a
website yet, you could get one set-up on
or for free or better yet create your own self_
hosted website with Bluehost, (my reliable hosting company
for many years) and use start blogging on
via their hosting platform.

To avert any confusion, is where your blogs
are hosted by WordPress itself, while is used
by anyone who wishes to do their own self-hosting via a third-party like Bluehost, Siteground, InMotion etc.

WordPress already have themes that are optimized for AdSense
and make it easy for you to just add your unique Google AdSense code and begin to generate revenue every time someone clicks on one of the targeted Google ads.

6. Make Money Selling on eBay

I studied the eBay marketplace for a while before deciding
to try it for  myself and I can say that this method of making
online online is on of the most exciting ones.

Why? Because if you have a product or item that is in high
demand, all you need to do is simply post it using Ebay’s fairly
easy-to-navigate advertising platform and you have a ready-made, ready-to-buy/bid traffic waiting  for you! No traffic toll-booth here.

Sell anything from the latest brand new electronics to your old
“yard-sale” items. Simply open an eBay account and list your item/s. It’s that easy. However, testing and tweaking to see what keywords work best will greatly impact your ROI.

Technology expert and internet marketing veteran Bob Rankin ( did a great article on Ebay marketing. You should take a look here.

Tip: There is a surprising amount of “naked” keyword data on
Ebay and the way to capitalize on this is to study the biggest
Ebayers is your niche and mimic what they do :)

7. Make Money Blogging 

One of the biggest blogging icons on the internet is a gentleman
out of Brisbane, Australia that I have admired over the years by
the name Yaro Starak. He is the mastermind behind his highly
successful blog at

Blogging can be cool way to make extra cash on the side. Like Yaro, there are thousands of part-time/full-time bloggers who are making money in the comfort of their homes right now!

Blog about your hobbies, passions, interests and become an
authority in your niche.

After you gain a solid readership base, you can then
monetize your blog with AdSense, selling ad space on your blog,
(aka Sponsored Blogging) marketing affiliate programs and even
inviting like-minded bloggers to share their stories via podcasts
to further boost your rankings.

The key to success here is making sure to keep keep writing fresh,
timely,  relevant content to feed your hungry readers and the search engines.

8. Make Money Online Through Banner Advertising

This is one a great way to make money online and has been around for a while.

My friend Stacy Perez has been making money using this method
for sometime now. You can check out how she does it by visiting her website at Dotcommommies.

The concept is pretty simple. When someone visits your website and spots an appealing banner ad (usually at the top, right or left side of the webpage, like you can see if you look to the right of this post) and they click it and take action, you make money online.

As they say in the real estate world, “location, location, location”.
It is the same when it comes to the location of the ad on your page.

It is tested and proven that banners ads placed at the upper half of a webpage converts much better than those placed lower on the page.

It’s also important that these ads look natural and clean
(uncluttered), or you could severely restrict the amount
of eye-balls that could potentially “roll over” your ads.

9. Make Money Selling Digital Intellectual Property

The demand for digital products is astounding! According to in their report on Amazon’s estimated yearly ebook sales, “…we conclude that the company may be earning between $265 million to $530 million a year from e-books alone” Wow! let’s take a breathe on that note.

More and more there is increasing preference for ebooks over
the more traditional paperback. This I believe is due largely
to our fast-paced, real-time, multitasking, technology-driven
life-style. Amazon is a great place to start your own publishing.

I have already dipped my finger in the ink and created two ebooks
which are published on Amazon. The hard part was writing the
ebook, the easy part was publishing it on Amazon. Take a sneak
peek here.

There are millions of customers waiting to explore your
digital content on Amazon. What are your interests?
What are you proficient at? Are you a photographer?
Do you have a knack for crocheting? What about cooking?
Are you a good chef? You might surprised to find out that
there is a book (or books) in you :)

The beauty about selling digital intellectual property is that
after you create it once, you can sit back and profit from royalties for many months and even years into the future. (You can also see check out my other ebook here if you like.)

Of course this list is by no means exhaustive as there are still other online income generating strategies being used to make money online (some not so popular) and can be explored.

Some of these include:

  • Selling websites
  • Youtube marketing
  • Creating and Selling Mobile Apps
  • Selling Voice-Overs
  • Selling Photos (Shutterstock and iStock are popular buyers)
  • or even riding the new Bitcoin wave.

Research, investigate and test various strategies and stick to what sticks.

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