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Affiliate Marketing Tips, Tweaks and Best Practices

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Natural Fertility Affiliate Programs: Are They Still Productive?

Monday April 11th, 2016 04:41:09 PM

We featured fertility affiliate programs back in 2012 as one of affiliate marketing’s evergreen niches.

It’s been four years since we made that statement, and fertility and fertility-related websites like and continue to remain popular destinations for people looking for support and solutions. But are they still worth the effort of maintaining?

Is the fertility niche still an evergreen niche? Or has time drained this niche of its ability to be profitable?

The Fertility Niche 2016: Has Anything Changed?

What is the fertility niche about? Did the demand in this niche change over the years?

Fertility refers to a species’ ability to reproduce. With a global population of 7.4 billion people, the average man and woman probably wouldn't even consider fertility, or the lack of it, a problem.

Until they are unable to produce a child by natural means, that is.

The CDC claims that infertility is a common problem affecting 6% of married women in the United States. This is not entirely a woman’s reproductive health issue, as men, in lesser numbers, also suffer from the same inability to produce children.

There are several factors affecting human infertility, so the best thing to do when in this situation is to seek medical help. The downside is that it can be costly, and the proposed medical solution, even more so.

Couples continue to look online for information and alternative methods. They are also more vocal online in sharing their struggles and getting help. Social media sites have become support centers and crowdfunding is slowly becoming a method of acquiring financial assistance for high-priced medical procedures like in vitro fertilization.

Then and now, the statistics remain the same. The demand for alternative methods to achieving fertility and conception has not diminished. As the following graph on the Fertility Industry in 2015 shows, fertility has become a billion-dollar industry in the US.

Fertility Industry

Childless couples are still searching for a viable alternative, and ever hopeful of finally conceiving a child.

Prolific Keywords

Which keywords will produce the best results?

Competition is tougher, if we are to compare the keyword competition from the fertility post back in 2012, and now. Based on the results from the Affilotools keyword search results, anything featuring the word “fertility” in it appears to have high competition.

Fertility - Affilotools Search Results

Related keywords like “how to get pregnant” have equally high competition. The monthly search volume doesn’t look too good either.

Pregnancy - related Keywords - Affilotools Search Results

Despite the daunting numbers, you can still target some of these keywords. These are keywords with buyer intent so it’s always good to have a few of these on your keyword list.

You can go to sites like KeywordSpy and get alternative keywords like “pregnancy week by week” and “ovulation,” too.

Targeting keywords in the fertility niche is a formidable task, but don’t let it intimidate you. You’ll just have to find a way around the problem. You can choose to skip the keywords and have a squeeze-page only site as you build content. If you do decide to go with writing articles for this niche, you’ll be writing for readers, and not search engines; consider disregarding the keywords for better content.

Natural Fertility Affiliate Programs

Here are 5 affiliate programs to get you started on the fertility niche!

There are fertility affiliate programs in the ClickBank Marketplace, and you can choose to promote all of them in your fertility website, including pregnancy products since these two niches are related. This list includes "natural fertility" products only though. Also, we recommend that you start off with promoting only 2 to 3 products. This makes it easier for you to track which products does well, and which doesn't so you can easily replace it with another one. If you're really set on adding more products, stick to one or two products at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself, and your site visitors.

 Simple Fertility Secrets Logo

1. Simple Fertility Secrets

About Simple Fertility Secrets
Simple Fertility Secrets is an e-book by Beryl Dingemas. In it, she talks about how you can prepare your body for conception and have a child even in your 40s.

How much can I make?
The commission for each sale is at 50%. The book sells for around USD $27, putting your commission for each sold copy at $12.

How do I apply?
This product is available through the ClickBank network, but you can also sign up through the Affiliates page.

 Fertility Nutrition Program

2. Fertility Nutrition Program

About Fertility Nutrition Program
The Fertility Nutrition Program is a comprehensive program consisting of several modules that guide you through increasing your chances of conceiving naturally. It is created by nutritionist Jeremy Carew-Reid and is a great supplement for couples who are using another method of conception.

How much can I make?
The program sells for USD $47, and you get 75% as commission, giving you around $30 dollars for each sale.

How do I apply?
This is another fertility product that is available through the ClickBank network. There is no affiliate signup link on the website so you need to go through ClickBank. Logo


About boasts of "doctor-designed, safe and effective" products. The site offers pregnancy and nursing products, too.

How much can I make? has one of the highest commissions among the products in this niche. The site gives 20% commission on all product sales, with the exception of a few products, which still get you 10% through your link.

How do I apply?
You can sign up through the website, or through ShareASale. Logo


About has pages upon pages of information on how couples can become parents. It also has a wide selection of products that you can offer on your own fertility website.

How much can I make?
You can earn 15% commissions on all purchases made through your link. This is pretty good, as most of the products available range in price from USD $50 to over $100.

How do I apply?
Sign up directly through the website.

 Beyond Fertility


About is similar to and The site also carries fertility and pregnancy-related products. It does not have as many products to offer though.

How much can I make?
As with, provides its affiliates with 15% commissions. It also offers bonuses for sales  exceeding USD $100.

How do I apply?
You can join through the Affiliate page network.

Proactive is Productive: Get Your Link-Building Strategy on

Don’t wait till the website is up and running. Get a link-building scheme going as early as the site-building stage.

You’ll be facing steep competition in the fertility niche, so it’s important to have a link building game plan early on. It doesn’t have to be a solid, set-in-stone kind of blueprint, but have a look at possible marketing methods as you’re doing niche research, and write them down.

Some link-building and inbound marketing methods to look into for this niche are :

Social Media Marketing

Undoubtedly, the top link-building method today is social media. With millions of users logged in daily to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to promote products.

Social media sites are not search engines, and yet you’ll find plenty of information within them. Articles and other content are shared among members, and that’s what you should aim to tap into, particularly for a competitive niche like this one.

Our lessons on marketing include how to get traffic to your site using Facebook and Twitter. The Affilorama blog publishes posts on social media marketing too, like this one: How to Hit Your Target Audience HARD With Facebook's "Boost Post".

Create Tools

This sounds like something for more advanced marketers, and maybe it is. But by “tools” I mean simple, yet helpful, little things that you can offer your site’s visitors. For example, a checklist of goals to qualify for IVF, or a how-to guide for starting a GoFundMe to raise funds for adoption or IVF.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, or difficult. Do some thorough niche research and think about what your target market needs, then create it for them. Then, share on your site and on social media. A good example is our post on 25 useful tools for content creators. It’s a simple list, but contains information that is helpful to marketers and saves you time trying to locate tools that can make your life simpler.

Solo Ads or Ad Swaps

Make the competition work for you! List all authority sites you can find in this niche and get in touch with them for a possible solo ad or ad swap. It’s going to cost you, but what you’ll get makes it all worth it. You get to promote your site to your target market. You can build your newsletter list, too, if you direct them to your squeeze page instead of just a page in your site.

Natural Fertility Programs: Still Productive, or Gone Sterile?

The bottom line: Is it still worthwhile to go into the fertility niche?







If we are to look solely at the demand in the fertility niche, then yes. Now more than ever, there is a great demand in fertility products, both natural and otherwise. So while the commission may not be the kind that will rake in big profits like digital products do, with the right amount of steady conversions, you can still earn a nice, round payout.

But, as always, great demand creates great competition, as evident in the keyword research. You need to be smart in keywords you'll target.

But maybe you don't need to target any keywords. Try a solo ad or ad swap and drive traffic to your squeeze page instead. Build a newsletter list you can promote directly to, instead of trying to rank for keywords.

This niche has the potential to be a rewarding endeavor, but it will require more effort compared to other niches. I wouldn't recommend this to newbies, or to those who are not willing to work hard on one niche.

Would you go into the fertility niche? If you would, how would you approach it? Know of any other natural fertility programs? WE love to hear your thoughts!

Affiloblueprint has in-depth video lessons on current marketing methods. Check them out today!

10 Affiliate Marketing Resolutions To Get You Back On Track For 2016

Monday February 22nd, 2016 04:18:14 PM

We're well and truly into 2016 now — isn't it a bit late to be making resolutions?

Well... how many of your new year resolutions did you stick to? This is your chance to hit reset and start again.

A new year makes us all feel a little bit introspective. We set new goals and aim for new achievements with work and personal development, but sometimes we fall short and our resolutions go out of the window before it's even March yet.

I'm here today to give you a second shot at resolutions and to help motivate you to make your affiliate marketing shine by the time 2017 comes around. 

If your affiliate website has started to look a bit old and you feel like you're stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over, then maybe it's time to set yourself some new resolutions, goals that you will apply to your affiliate marketing business.

If you want to make a change but you aren't quite sure where you should be focusing your efforts, I've got a great list of resolutions for you to adopt:

1. I Will Focus on ROI

Gone are the days of chasing every shiny new digital marketing distraction. 

All of us have spent a lot of time playing around with social media, video marketing, blogging, content marketing, paid advertising... you name it. But if you're doing it without a particular goal in mind — without measuring the results for all your efforts — you're really just wasting your time. 

In the new year, your no. 1 affiliate marketing resolution should be to stay focused on Return on Investment (ROI). 


Every time you want to invest your time, money and effort into a new strategy for your affiliate website, be sure to assess the following:

  • What is the goal of this particular marketing strategy/ platform/ campaign?

For example, if you start a new blog on your website: Why do you think it will be useful? Is it to establish thought leadership, get more subscribers, for SEO....or for another, completely different goal? Starting with the goal in mind is very important so you always know what to work towards. 

  • How will you define success (or failure)?

Once you know your goal, it's important to determine exactly what spells success or failure of a new campaign or strategy. If your aim is to focus on social media marketing in the coming year, will you define success based on the number of new followers you gain, or will it be based on how much traffic social media drives to your site? How many new followers do you need before you can call the campaign a success? Or, how much average daily traffic do you expect to receive from your Facebook or Twitter marketing efforts?

Have clear success metrics in mind for every new marketing effort you want to try. 

  • What tools will you use for measurement?

Once you know what you're measuring, it's also important to figure out how you will measure it — i.e., what tools you will be using. Depending on what you're trying to measure, the tools you use will vary. For example, to measure website traffic, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools will be your best friends, but if you're focusing on measuring your conversion rates and sales, you might need other tools. Make sure the tools and services you use support the metrics you define success or failure by.

  • How will this fit into the overall goals for your site?

Apart from knowing your goals for specific campaigns and strategies, you must analyze every new marketing effort to see how it fits into your overall plan. As an affiliate marketer, the ultimate goal of your site is obviously to make money. So, when you try something new, always look it with an objective eye and ask yourself how your new marketing experiment or campaign will help you achieve your ultimate goals.

When you ask yourself these questions every time, you make sure you stay focused on ROI and don't just leap at every new opportunity that catches your eye. This will help you achieve your goals. 

2. I Will Think Global, Not Just Local 

When you're running a business on the Internet, your competition is no longer limited to your immediate vicinity (city, county, even state) — or even just to your country. So, it's time to ditch the small thinking and open up your mind (and business) to thinking on a global scale. If your current campaigns are limited to only certain geographical areas, you must make it one of your resolutions to look into international opportunities this year. 

global shopping

According to Remarkety's data on Global eCommerce Sales, Trends And Statistics 2015, China is the biggest eCommerce market, and shopping is the fastest-growing online activity in China. Brazil, another major economy, ranks number 10 on the list with $18.8 billion in eCommerce spending. The biggest emerging eCommerce market is India. Other places to look out for are Mexico and the Middle East.

Of course, established markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and even Japan continue to remain lucrative options. 

With shoppers around the world keen to spend money online, isn't it time to make the most of these global opportunities through your affiliate website? 

3. I Will Invest in Automation

With an increasing number of ways to market your business, do you ever find yourself wondering how you're ever going to find the time to do it all? 


The key, my friends, is automation. This year, make it a priority to create and implement an automation strategy that allows you to really take your marketing efforts to the next level. How do you that?

  • Start by listing all the tasks you currently undertake for your site, especially the daily tasks.
  • Take a good look at your list and assess each task individually. Ask yourself if there is a way you can automate, either by turning the job over to someone else or by harnessing the power of technology. 
  • Some ideas for tasks you can automate include scheduling emails, managing your content, posting to social media, segmenting contacts, and gathering data. 
  • Spend the time to figure out a process for each automated task. For some you might need to hire a freelancer to help you out; for others, you can find useful tools. 

A robust automation strategy will free up valuable time that you can then use to focus on other, more important tasks to grow and improve your affiliate marketing business. 

4. I Will Add Value for My Audience

You would not have a successful affiliate website if it weren't for your audience.

In the coming year, promise yourself that you will lighten up on the hard sell. Instead of focusing on sales as your main goal, focus on providing value to your audience. Make it your mission to build a brand that consumers trust. They'll buy from you because they have faith in your recommendations.

buy my stuff

According to Venture Harbour, brand building is a crucial part of every affiliate marketing strategy. Google is becoming increasingly brand-biased, so it's no surprise that many affiliate websites are focusing their efforts on providing value to their audience through engaging content, interesting offers and more.

What are you doing with your affiliate website? Are you providing interesting, relevant content your audience? Are you helping them with information about a certain problem? Are you helping them save money (with good deals, for example)? 

It's very important to ask yourself what you're doing to not just sell to your customers, but to provide them with a valuable experience on your website. What sets you apart from your competitors? What keeps your audience coming back to you instead of another site? This should be an important goal for you in the coming year. 

Look at Houzz or as examples of successful affiliate websites that have become instantly recognizable brands for their customers. Thanks to the value customers receive from them, they will not think twice about making a purchase from these websites.

5. I Will Stop Creating Content for the Sake of Content

Speaking of providing value — this year, don't climb on the content marketing band wagon just for the sake of it. 

Content marketing is important, don't get me wrong. But, thanks to the buzz around content, many affiliate marketers have assumed they will succeed by simply producing any type of content. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Content for the sake of creating content is a waste of time — yours and your audience's. The content that succeeds in this already-saturated world of marketing is both good quality and purpose-driven. 

quality content

See the full infographic on Express Writers.

Make it one of your resolutions this year to only create content strategically. Remember Resolution No. 1: Focus on ROI. Don't just churn out blog post after blog post without any plan for building a readership or driving traffic to your site. If you're publishing product reviews on YouTube, make sure you have a strategy in place to ensure the videos reach an audience that is interested in them. If no one is reading/ watching/ listening to your content, you're doing it wrong. 

Your aim: Create and publish content strategically and with a clear picture of its purpose — or don't do it at all. 

6. I Will Pay Attention to The Data

Marketing in 2016 is not just about human intuition and creativity. Today, data drives every marketing decision.

Make it your job to pay attention to the data for your site, social media and any other marketing channels you may have. Learn to understand which metrics matter for your success and put them to use when making important marketing decisions for your site. If it's all too much for you, you could also hire someone who will do all the segmentation and analysis for you, and show you where your focus should lie.

data driven marketing

5 Stages of Data Driven Marketing comic courtesy of Marketoonist

Learn to start relying on data, not just your gut feeling, and your affiliate marketing efforts will definitely see an improvement. 

7. I Will Diversify My Traffic Sources

Don't make Google the be-all and end-all of marketing efforts for your website. You could wake up one day to find a new algorithm update has killed all your traffic. The same goes for putting all your eggs in the social media basket. What if your Facebook page were to disappear one day — would you still be able to drive traffic to your website?

web traffic

Promise yourself that you will spend time diversifying your sources of traffic. If you've always been focused on search only, maybe it's time to delve into social. Or vice versa. Make sure your audience is coming to you from as many sources as possible so if one goes down, it doesn't spell the death of your affiliate marketing business. 

8. I Will Put Mobile First

You've probably heard us say this several times, but here it is again: Make mobile a priority! 

Mobile is no longer the second screen, but often the first, and sometimes the only, screen. 

Your resolution should be not just to make mobile a priority but to give it first preference when it comes to your affiliate marketing efforts this year. 

According to the KPCB's Internet Trends Report:

...if you're not able to reach your audience through mobile search or display, or you're not providing a satisfactory mobile experience you will miss out compared to competitors who are.

Mobile digital media time in the US is now higher than desktop time (51% compared to 42%).

mobile digital media

Image source: Smart Insights

So where should you start? First (and most importantly), make sure your site is mobile-friendly and renders well on small screens. Make your content easy to read and ensure your calls to action are strategically placed and easily clickable. If your users have a bad experience when using your site on their mobiles, they are less likely to return and might end up making purchases from your mobile-friendly competitors instead.

Start by testing your site using Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

Once your site is mobile-ready, work on other aspects such as mobile advertising, mobile email marketing, and more.

9. I Will Continuously Experiment 

The key to keep growing any business is to always stay ahead. 

Don't get stuck in the same old rut.

if you do

The standard format of content, PPC and social media might be bringing you results... but what if you could do even better?

Affiliates need to ditch the mold this year and think more creatively about selling and marketing their products.

For example, this Comfort Zone Calculator is a survey designed to calculate a person's comfort zone. At the end of the survey, there are a few product suggestions based on your answers to the survey. Most of these products include an affiliate link. This is a very creative way of linking to some products.

Make it your year to think of different formats and ways to reach and engage with your audience. Resolve to keep trying new things to see what works for your business and what doesn't.

10. I Will Not Get Distracted 

One of the most common reasons many affiliate websites fail to take off is because affiliates become easily excited about the variety of opportunities and fail to concentrate on one thing alone. 

You start out a website, create some content but then instead of trying your hand at just doing SEO, you try to do PPC, social media, link building, content marketing and anything else that catches your eye. The result? You don't do anything well and you end up disappointed that your once-brilliant affiliate website idea is not really making you any money.


In another situation, you have had success with one affiliate website so you decide it's time to branch out and set up a few more sites in other niches. You take on too many niches at one go, and none of them take off as you have no focus and simply try to apply a formula that doesn't seem to work. 

Your resolution for this year is simply to focus. When you start something, finish it before you take on a new project. 

Don't try to do everything at once. Don't try to tackle too many niches. Take it one thing at a time until you achieve success. 

So there you go: the 10 resolutions you should make for your business, no matter what time of the year it is. They are all actionable and completely practical. It doesn't matter whether you're a newbie or an experienced affiliate. Start small and see how a few simple (but effective) tweaks to the way you run your business can affect your affiliate income. 

Make this your year of affiliate marketing success. 

8 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

Wednesday April 6th, 2016 01:31:11 AM

January is well underway. We've survived the holidays and had a bit of recovery time, which means it's time to start looking towards the future. What does 2016 hold for you and your business? How can you expect the marketing space to change in 2016?

Digital marketing, as you definitely know, is ever-changing and rapidly adapts itself to new technology, new attitudes and new behaviors. As a marketer, you must always be aware of what's on the horizon to make sure you're prepared, with the best marketing strategy.

Technology will have the largest impact on marketing efforts in the coming year. Whether it's video production (and consumption) or wearable gadgets, rapidly developing technology is set to break boundaries and push us all out of our comfort zones.

Don't know what to prepare for? Here are some digital marketing trends that are likely to dominate the marketing space in the new year. 

1. Visual SEO

Optimizing your site for search engines is an ongoing and ever-evolving process. Google (and other search engines) are regularly tweaking their algorithms to ensure we  always find the best results.

There is no doubt that the way we consume content has changed drastically in the past couple of years. Our attention spans have become increasingly limited and we are much more attracted to visual content such as photos, infographics and video over traditional plain text. 

While plain text will always be important, in 2016 it’s likely search engines will start to place even more importance on visual content, as that is what users want. According to this Demand Gen report, even the B2B audience is becoming increasingly interested in visual content when making purchase decisions. 

visual SEO

See the full infographic on Visualistan.

Engaging visual content means a user is likely to spend more time on your website. This is a good signal for search engines. Additionally, a site with more visual content is likely to start ranking better in search engines. If your visual content starts to appear in search results and users click through, you will get additional brownie points from Google for relevance.

2. Video Domination 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth, oh, about 1.8 million. 

OK, yes, we're being a bit dramatic, but it helps to drive the point home: video is very relevant for the current marketing landscape. 


Whether it’s NetflixYouTube, Instagram, or even live streaming options such as Facebook Live and Periscope, video is going to dominate the visual content marketing and consumption space in 2016.

In a Nielsen global survey of 30,000 respondents from 60 countries, 55% of respondents asserted that video programming is an important part of their lives. Whether it’s on mobiles, desktops or smart TVs, video, in its many forms, is well loved by the average internet user.

It’s also important to note that mobile video plays a huge role in video consumption. For Millennials and Generation Z, mobile is very often the primary or the secondary device for video. For out-of-home video consumption, mobile is the primary device of choice for all generations. I’ll talk about mobile in more detail below. 

video consumption

See the full Nielsen report here.

For marketers, this growth in video consumption is a new opportunity to produce more video content themselves, but also to advertise where and when their audience is viewing this content. 

According to this study, 71% of respondents plan to increase their video marketing budget in the coming year. B2B marketers are also likely to continue ramping up their video marketing and SEO efforts with 73% of them confirming that video has positively impacted their marketing results

3. Live Streaming

With the boom in video production, it’s impossible to ignore the growth in the live streaming trend as well. 

periscope live streaming

Whether it’s a sports event live-streaming on the Web, a music festival on YouTube or your favorite celebrity on Periscope/Meerkat/Snapchat/Facebook Live, we are all loving how easy it is watch live content now. The quality of videos and the ease of accessibility (via mobiles and tablets) also helps the live streaming cause. 

Live streaming is having a huge impact on the way we view traditional TV, with sporting events leading the way. The 2014 Sochi Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil are the perfect examples. However, it’s not just limited to sports anymore, with TV hosts, CEOs, yoga teachers, makeup artists and other celebrities live streaming anything from a makeup lesson or keynote speech to random bits of their lives.

Brands are jumping on board too. In early 2015, Red Bull live streamed several of its Guest House events and built up interest for the events using Twitter and Snapchat. Mountain Dew is another brand doing great stuff with its live broadcasts on Periscope.

What does this mean for marketers? Put simply: Go where your audience is. For example, if your audience is live streaming events instead of watching traditional TV, this is where your marketing efforts need to be focused. Or, if your audience is hooked on Periscope, find a way to personalize and humanize your brand by creating interactive content. You need to be engaging with your audience more and more on these platforms. 

meerkat vs periscope

Before you go, check out this really cool infographic created by Salesforce on the difference between Meerkat and Periscope, and how you can use them for your business

4. Data is King

Digital marketing is well and truly out of its nascent stages. Whether we're talking about content, paid, social or another strategy, online marketing is now a familiar field and marketers need to know what metrics to look at, to determine how effective their campaigns are.

data insights

Unlike traditional marketing efforts, intuition is no longer a metric for success. Digital marketers now have access to very detailed data and analytics. The success (or failure) of every marketing campaign can now be determined and backed up by cold, hard data. 

Watch out for disruption in the business intelligence space, with more technological advancements in digital analytics space allowing you to understand your business, your customer and your marketing efforts better than ever before. Having access to data and knowing which data insights to pay attention to will be crucial for making business and marketing decisions. 

For marketers, it’s important to use all the sources of data available and make better decisions about every aspect of your digital marketing efforts. Want to launch a new landing page? Run a split A/B test first to determine which page your users will prefer. Creating a new content calendar for your blog in 2016? Don’t wing it. Analyze the posts that performed well in 2015 and work on creating similar content that your audience will enjoy.

google analytics

Use data for every decision. Learn which metrics are important and figure out how to find the information you need, whether it’s by delving deep into Google Analytics or by using other tools for insights into your marketing efforts. Guesswork in marketing is over. 

5. Mobile as the First Screen

You probably don’t need reminding that mobile optimization is crucial for your website and all your digital marketing efforts, but here goes anyway. 
In the last few years, experts have have harped on about making the most of a mobile audience, as an increasing number of internet users were using it as their second screen. In fact, though, mobile is now the preferred first screen for many people. 

According to this Oracle report, 80% of adults worldwide will have smartphones by 2030. Additionally, it also found that one in five millennials is now mobile-only.

mobile landscape

Google’s algorithm update in April 2015 was dubbed the "The Mobilegeddon" by most marketing experts. The new algorithm update means Google has started placing a lot of importance on mobile-friendly results for its search results. Mobile-optimized sites have gone from "nice to have" to an absolute essential. 

Mobile-friendliness is officially a factor for search engine appeal. Google has also made a Mobile-Friendly test available to help you check if your website passes muster. 

In addition to mobile sites now being an SEO requirement, a mobile-first strategy is also crucial to other marketing efforts, especially video. 

As mentioned above, video consumption is also highly driven by mobile. This Accenture report found that there is an increase in out-of-home video viewing, which has meant more video consumption via mobile devices. A Deloitte study also found that millennials now watch more TV shows on mobile devices than on a TV; 57% of these millennials used mobile devices as their primary viewing screen. 

mobile video consumption

Americans are spending more time per day on their mobile phones than watching TV, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where you should be spending your advertising dollars.

6. Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is continually evolving. You've probably noticed that "free" on social media doesn't cut it any more.

Things have changed a lot since many of us first got into social media marketing. Organic reach, especially on Facebook, is something most brands struggle with. If you want to reach your Facebook fans, you have to pay up.

Of course Facebook isn't alone when it comes to paid advertising options. You can now place "Shop Now" Instagram ads, create Buyable Pins on Pinterest, create Brand Stories on Snapchat, and so much more. 

instagram ad

Before you say you want quit social media marketing if it's not free, let me remind you that according to the Global Web Index, at the end of the first quarter of 2015, stats revealed that we are spending 28% of our Internet time each day on social media. That's a lot of time! At the start of January 2015, there were 2.078 billion active social media accounts, across the world. This number has no doubt continued to grow. 

Marketers are now heavily investing in paid advertising on social channels as part of an overall paid advertising strategy. The IZEA State of Sponsored Social study found that 52% of companies now have a stand-alone Sponsored Social budget for their brand, and find Sponsored Social to be in the top three most effective marketing investments they make. Surprisingly, consumers have also become used to advertisements within their social media feeds and the study found that consumers also perceive these sponsored messages to be equally or more effective than TV commercials. 

buyable pins

Marketers are now more actively measuring their Return on Investment as well. There is a distinct shift in ROI measurement, with fewer brands opting to measure increases in likes/followers. Measurement of social media marketing campaigns are now more focused on business goals and objectives. Marketing has matured to the point where every dollar spent on social is analyzed critically to ensure the results continue to justify the spend. 

So whether you like it or not, you have to start setting aside a budget for paid social. If you don't pay, you're simply not going to reach your audience where they're spending most of their time.

7. Wearable Tech 

Until a few years ago, wearable technology barely existed, even though the idea was well entrenched. In 2015, the industry has boomed, with the Apple watch leading the way of course. Smart watches, smart glasses, health trackers and even smart fashion — it's all set to revolutionize the world. 

apple watch

A hefty 52% of people polled said they're aware of wearable technology devices. Among those, a third said they're likely to buy one. According to Statista, by 2018, it is estimated that the wearables market will be worth some 12.6 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 385 million people by 2019

Wearables are being hailed as the new mobile. The same way smartphones made social media and immediate action a huge (and now, normal) part of our lives, wearable technology such as smart watches are likely to continue to bring social media even closer. 

With these kind of stats and adoption rates, this is an industry just about to boom. Marketers need to be ready to make the most of these new devices that allow them to get closer to their customers than ever before.

8. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is no longer just a futuristic concept. Oculus Rift is definitely the most hyped VR device; however there are dozens such products, and they're going to be game changers.

oculus rift

People will now have a whole new way of consuming content. As a good marketer, you should be looking for a way to reach your audience through this new medium. 

As you already know, the best way to attract and engage Millennials is by personalizing your marketing efforts. Virtual reality will make this a lot easier. Econsultancy has some great ideas about using virtual reality to create tangible experiences, product extensions and more. 

The technology is new and it will take some time to come into the mainsream but, VR is all set to change the way we approach digital marketing, so jump on board and start preparing for the future now. 

What do you think of these marketing trends? Did I miss anything that you think is going to be huge in 2016. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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