Dominating Social Media Sites Through Social Networking

Do any of these social media sites’ icons look familiar?

Social Networking Icons

I thought so :)

Beyond dispute, social networking has radically changed the online landscape and is the new “best practice” of the online marketing community. I challenge you to visit any website and look if you don’t see the icon of popular social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and the list goes on.

The concept behind social networking has its roots in the basic structure of social psychology.

If you start talking with a stranger right now you will notice that they are more responsive when you first strike up a conversation with them around a common theme like: “Hello, I see we are both walking our dogs the same time today again. What a coincidence”)

Another example. Let’s say you are at Starbucks and while having coffee a total stranger comes up to your table with the identical coffee you are drinking and begins to talk about its unique blend and nostalgic taste. Before you know it, that casual conversation lured you into social networking. And it only happened in about 5-10 minutes!

Get the drift?

Equally powerful is the act of giving something away for free, a natural and important part of building strong social networks. By giving away something for free, you allow people to share with their friends, thus creating a viral social networking chain reaction. Below is a Youtube video that I did a few months ago teaching viewers how to increase the length of Microsoft’s Sound Recorder.

You might not have the time to go through all of it now but I just want you to get the concept of how powerful sharing information through social media sites can boast you traffic considerably by simple word of mouth, make that “t’word of mouse” :).

Problem Solving and Social Networking

A key driver behind social networking is solving problems that people encounter online everyday (like my Youtube video above). The immediate trade-off is that the person you help will be more likely to spread it to friends, family and colleagues as to them, you are an expert. Or make that, a HERO!

To support what I just said, it was earlier today that I was having a challenge trying to re-order the page tabs on my WordPress website. I tried every possible way I knew but could not resolve the problem. Finally, I came across a wordpress plugin called My Page Order created by social networking expert Andrew Charlton and in minutes, my problem was solved!

Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail etc, harness the power of social networking very skillfully. For example, Hotmail uses the simple inclusion “Get Your FREE hotmail account at http:www//” and even Blackberry and iPhone have followed suit with a footer that says, “Sent from my Blackberry” and “Sent from my iPhone” accordingly, thus building high brand visibility in the social networking circle.

Building a strong social network is very possible with the gamut of free social media sites on the web. A WordPress website can be up and running in minutes with the right plug-ins installed. It has become so easy to integrate your website with the biggest social network giant called Facebook and the “twird” of social network…tou tnow twho I am twalking twabout, Twitter of course :) .

Notice how suddenly their social media sites have dominated the internet?

In conclusion, building massive traffic flow through social media sites is the wave of the future and the future is now. Want Proof? Watch the video below that shows some compelling data on the power of social media right now.

Here are a few useful ideas for testing your niche through social networking:

  1. Research popular keywords using Google Toolbar and expand on those keywords using Google Keyword Tool. Remember Social network revolves around finding problems and offering solutions.
  2. Brainstorm your social networking ideas. Test each idea on Facebook/Twitter/Digg/StumbledUpon etc.
  3. Analyze the results and take the next giant leap
  4. Set up a forum or other bulletin board if possible. and have built huge social networking  groups following this model.
  5. Set up a reciprocal links directory on your site. Another highly effective social networking strategy.
  6. Buy resellers rights to an ebook or software that supports your niche
  7. Allow people to give away your software/ebook for free. This is social networking at its best.
  8. Write an ebook and use it to ‘upsell’. (Upselling is a sales technique where attempts are made to influence the purchase of a more expensive item, upgrade to a paid service or other add-ons)
  9. Start your own social networking campaign with some help from my friend Adam Short, expert coach and founder of  Niche Profit Classroom

I hope I have helped you to get at least one step closer to realizing your goals by testing out the social media sites!

To your social networking success,


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