Free Duplicate Content Checker That “Snitches” on Content Pirates.

Keep This Duplicate Content Checker on Your Desktop – (Thanks to

Have you ever wondered if some pirating content farms are out there somewhere stealing your hard work? I mean, all those days and nights that you spend creating all those unique contents for good search engine ranking for your website could be popping up elsewhere as someone else work. Don’t you just hate that?

Well, worry no more, let this amazing duplicate content checker called go undercover and uncover who might be “pealing your thunder”.

To demonstrate how powerful this duplicate content checker really is, I did a quick query on one of my original posts entitled: “Viciously Infecting the Internet Through Viral Marketing” and I was surprised to find one website with the exact wording as my first paragraph, with jut one minor tweak! (See screen capture below)

Duplicate Content Checker

See how powerful this clever little tool is?

This is by far one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways (you can’t beat “free”) to protect your online intellectual property and the download process is a breeze.

However, there is a big concern being raised over the question of duplicate content as a result of those cheating content farms.

Does Duplicate Content Affect My Rankings? Will a Duplicate Content Check Even Make a Difference?

Well, according to Google, it has a way of identifying original content and as such one should not be too worked up about your site being hammered with poor rankings.

Having said that though, it is a necessity to have a duplicate content checker go out there in cyberspace and see if you are the victim of “internet plagiarism” because you never know if Google might make this an issue in the future. Read more about what Google has to say about the matter here

One obvious advantage of a duplicate content checker is that fact that you can immediately see who might be stealing from you, thus giving you the opportunity to do your own investigations and even asking that they remove your content from their website or at least give you credit for it.

Another great benefit that this nifty duplicate content checker provides is the ability to track plagiarism.

If you are a college student of you have kids in college, this is one sure way to see if someone “copying” your work. Naturally, the info would have to be published either on the internet or via an intranet network for you to be able to test this. So it is also a free plagiarism checker. How cool is that!

Don’t just take my word, download and give it a spin yourself and see if it is right for you.
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