All In One Profits (AIOP) Review – A MUST Read Before Joining!

Over the many years of my online life, I have seen a multitude of companies come and go. Many failed due to the lack of integrity, others because they probably meant well and had something great to offer but were eventually crushed due to changes in internet best practices overtime that rendered their products/services irrelevant.  However, there is one that has been turning heads since 2012 and from all indications, it is here to stay.  It’s called All in one profits (AIOP) and in this All in One Profits review, I give you my honest opinion on this company.


Allinoneprofits (or AIOP) is my business building workshop that I am using to create and expand my online assets like this very website you are on right now, among others, including AIOP itself.

BUT, if you scout the internet

Barely anyone is talking about All in one profits! Consider yourself fortunate to stumble upon this candid and comprehensive review of AIOP because I promise you, your online experience will change forever.


All In One Profits, What’s the Big Deal?

So here is the lowdown. The name All in one profits is in itself self-proclaiming.  It is a business building toolkit containing all the basic (and advanced) internet marketing tools that you need to succeed on the internet, whether you are into affiliate marketing, MLM (Multi Level Marketing), network marketing, social media marketing or whatever you are trying to build online.

Need me to be more specific? Ok, so there is what you get as a member:

Premium Webhosting, unlimited double opt in Autoresponder (Like Aweber, Getresponse etc), beautiful done-for-you and custom Squeeze/Capture page builder,s Link tracker (one of my personal favorites :)), Ad Rotator, Online Marketing Education and a 100% recurring commission matrix, for a crazy low prices of $11.5 per month (or free!) You’ll learn how to get AIOP for free if you keep reading.

Using AIOP tools really make setting up and managing online campaigns a breeze

For example, I’m currently using the tracking tool to counter-track my CTR (click-through-rate) on my Bing Ads campaigns and I am using the squeeze page linked to my Youtube back office video overview below to drive traffic to my AIOP affiliate page:

Lets face it

The longevity of any company lies within the customers value of its product. This AIOP has definitely got this figured out and that’s most likely why you are reading this all in one profits review right now. This company has cut out all the hype and cut straight to the chase. What you get is what every online marketer needs in order to make it on the internet.

But I get it, you are probably still skeptic because you might have lost money in some fly-by-night, pie-in-the-sky opportunity like I have. That’s quite OK. You should be. That’s why I wrote this review to let you be the judge for yourself whether All in one profits is worth your time and money. The truth is, if you are like I am, you don’t want to just flip out your credit card and enter the details on any old website just because they claim they are all that. YOU WANT TO BUY A REAL VALUE PROPOSITION. That’s what All in One Profits stand for.

Here’s the truth

If any program, online or offline simply rotates money among its members (cash gifting) with no real value proposition attached to, it will surely be short-lived.

They will barely make it to realize their first anniversary and even they survive the first year, they will not be around for long.

There is one such online opportunity that will most likely SHOCK you. Traffic Monsoon! It sure caught me by surprise. Like All In One Profits, I was keen on giving it a try and set out to do some beneath-the-skin research. As it turned out, Traffic Monsoon fit the profile of a PONZI cash gifting system referenced above. Bookmark this detailed review and read it to the end later

All In One Profits hit the online scenes out of Romania in February 2012 and has been making an impact since. It was founded by CEOs Johan Van Geffen and Isabela Capsuna, both very well respected in the industry


The whole AIOP system is a comprehensive suite of well needed online products, with all the necessary internet tools, products and software, educational material and training and all legal forms of advertising, a full advertising network providing web hosting and autoresponder services, along with a complete and complex web platform with access to various money making tools to build an business online.

Let’s look into the details of the three main products that make AIOP stand apart

Top Notch All in One Profits Products

Pro Autoresponder

Like it is said by internet marketing pros, “The money is in the list”. To profit online and maintain a presence, you need to start building a list. In order to do that, you need an autoresponder service and never have I seen anyone else offering UNLIMITED pro autoresponder services for pennies or FREE like all in one profits!

This alone is one of  the key reasons to join AIOP right now!

The big players in the autoresponder arena know that online marketers need to build their lists and because the high demand, they charge an arm and leg for their services on a subscriber tier basis. In other words, the more subscribers you get, the more you pay!

Here’s a closeup at the pricing ladder of three of the industry’s biggest players (Get Response, Aweber and iContact). On average, for just 600 subscribers, you pay around $15 per month. This price increases, as your list grows.Over time, this can become pretty expensive as shown by the screenshots below.



Aweber Pricing


iContact Pricing


Premium Web Hosting

Seriously, search all over the internet and see if you find any other company offering premium webhosting  anywhere close to All in One Profits’ unbelievable deal! In my opinion, this product alone is worth more than their $11.50 monthly fee and holds the top spot among their incredible lineup of products and services. We are talking about hosting an unlimited number of domains on one single account via the well-known and user-friendly c panel interface.

Your hosting package comes loaded with an generous 500 MB of disk space, 5 GB of disk bandwidth, unlimited emails, with a 99.9% up-time guarantee! (Extended Hosting available if needed)

That means you are getting the same caliber of service that big names like Bluehost, Godaddy, iPage, Hostgator, Siteground etc, provide.

BUT their cost is at an average of $8 per month for JUST HOSTING ALONE!

Here’s an idea of what AIOP hosting package/s look like:


All in One Profits also provide a straight-forward, easy to follow how-to video guide that walks you through the hosting process. So even if you are new to web hosting, you’ll be schooled through the entire process.

So looking at both AIOPs premium autoresponder and hosting services, for just one fee ($11.50), you get a premium web hosting account and unlimited pro autoresponder services among several other services (AIOP Splash/Squeeze pages; AIOP Rotator; AIOP link tracker etc.)

But wait…

Let’s qualify “Unlimited” for a sec:

  • It means that you can have an unlimited number of subscribers!
  • It means that you can send unlimited email messages on autopilot
  • It means sending unlimited broadcast emails (like one-time promos)
  • AND it means that you can save unlimited advertising campaigns

Of course, you just need to follow the easy video guide to get setup.

Now a Look at All in One Profits’ Pricing & Membership Perks.

There are two membership levels, namely, Basic and Pro Membership and they cost $11.50 and $21.74 respectively. Personally, I just stick with the Basic membership because it provides almost everything in the Pro package and you will notice the same’

The differences between the Basic and the Pro packages are not that big of a deal to me. Refer to above image to see the differences between both packages.

How to make money with All in One Profits (Compensation plan)

Now this is where things get really exciting! I am going to show you how to pay ZERO for AIOP services.

It’s simple, no rocket science here –Just sign up your first paying member (a.k.a downline) and your membership becomes FREE…just like that! AND it remains free as long as they continue paying their monthly membership fee ($10). Let’s face it though, once you begin to take advantage of the amazing value of All in One Profit’s products and services, you really get hooked.

AIOP’s compensation plan is simple and it just works.

They employ a traditional network marketing compensation model where you receive recurring monthly spiffs from those you introduce to the company. But what makes it wildly exciting is the multiplying effect of the commission structure, which pays 100% to INFINITY!

The thing I like with Allinoneprofits is that they back what they say they will do. The moment my first signup came on board, they cancelled my recurring payment! I was delighted to receive the Paypal cancellation notification.  (See proof below)



Things get even more exciting with the even/odd number pass up pay plan, wherein every even number passes up to your sponsor and you keep all odd numbers, making AIOP’s compensation plan one of the best in the industry.

It works like this:

When you sponsor your referral, he or she becomes your direct downline. The next signup is passed up to your sponsor, the third is placed directly under you and the forth goes to your sponsor’s.

See the flow?

In a nutshell, all odd number referrals (1, 3, 5, 7……) down to infinity are your direct referrals and all those that fall on an even number (2, 4, 6, 8……) become your sponsor’s.

Another income stream flows your way from all your referrals (odd numbers) dubbed “pass ups”. Those pass ups create other pass ups which goes down to infinity!

If you are still not clear, watch my video again that I posted earlier.

Convinced that this is solution you have been scouring the internet for?

Great! Join me here.

Ok, so you need to know why I joined AIOP, right?.

No problem, I did this for three key reasons.

  1. Low Entry Level and Maintenance Cost

I lost a lot of money over the years trying various online opportunities that were way too expensive to join and maintain. It didn’t take very long to find out that they were cost-prohibitive when I noticed that my expenses far outweighed my income (which in many cases was zero)

 All In One Profits provides ALL the necessary online tools to start, grow and maintain a profitable online business As you know by now this complete package includes web hosting, unlimited pro autoresponder, advertising tools and more, all for just $11.50 monthly. This is both too good to be true yet TRUE at the same time.

And don’t forget that once you get your first sign up, AIOP is FREE! You just can’t beat that

  1. More Time with Family

Wouldn’t you just love to wake up tomorrow without the stress and burden of rushing to work yet knowing that all your financial needs are met? I certainly would. This is the true definition of freedom: when you can spend time with your family on your own terms and not only when you get a day-off or when you go on vacation.

If you commit to utilizing and promoting AIOP’s exclusive system, you are poised to seeing that dream come true. No more 9-5 grid-lock. No need to have to get up in the wee hours of the morning to beat rush hour traffic. No more chasing one cup of coffee with another in order to stay awake. Wouldn’t you just love that? This can be achieved if you are willing to make the extra commitment to follow the simple process created for your success with your online business.

  1. Money on Autopilot

I so believe in the idea of building multiple streams of income and watching those income streams flow on autopilot. I believe you do too or otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading up to this line right now. Even the bible tells us that money answers all things (Eccl. 10:19 b) Just the fact that I can be using these great tools that AIOP created while simultaneously building an online income promoting those same great tools was enough to make me jump in with both feet.

By the way, if you never look at it like this before you really should. Try to create multiple streams of income and not just focus on one avenue. Of course, the strategy is to build the first one successfully before venturing on the next, using what you learn from the first to inspire the other projects.


The foregoing should paint a clear picture that it is possible to make it online if you have the right business building tools, combined with a proven and strategic money making system. All In One Profits is tailored to address all these components so you can succeed online, whether you are a seasoned internet marketer or a fresh, green newbie just venturing out.

With over three years of solid performance, AIOP is gaining a lot of notoriety. Not many online companies have been able to bridge the cost-divide between production cost final end-user cost. Like you,  I’ve seen many ambitious internet ventures rise and fall over the years, but from all indications, I think AIOP is future-proof.

So, having read my all in one profits review down to this concluding and defining moment are you ready to come on board? Congrats! You made a great decision! Just follow this link to be on your way!

Please share your thoughts below in the comment field and don’t forget to like and share with your friends and family if you found this article to be helpful.

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